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Wonder what it feels like to travel with A&K? Read our travel logs for a first-hand look at our latest adventures, captured live on select A&K journeys that include voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic.

Classic Antarctica

December 08, 2012 – Drake Passage/Beagle Channel on route to Ushuaia

It seemed as though our luck was changing on our final day aboard ‘Le Boreal.’ With cloudy skies and increased wind, the Drake Passage had picked up slightly. But after countless perfect days in a row, there were no complaints to be heard around the breakfast table. We kept busy with lectures throughout the [...]

Coffee station
Classic Antarctica

December 07, 2012 – Drake Passage, on route to Ushuaia

The Drake Passage is known as one of the most notorious bodies of water in the world. Fear of crossing it, more specifically, is what prevents so many from coming to experience Antarctica. We, on the other hand, were fortunate to experience little wind and a passage that might instead be dubbed “Drake Lake.” [...]

Grease ice cruising
Classic Antarctica

December 06, 2012 – Port Lockroy/Brown Station, Antarctica

‘Le Boreal’ was brought into position late last evening and we spent the night swinging lazily on the anchor chain. Our backdrop: the 9,000-plus-foot Mount Francis and the razor spine of the Fief Mountains of Wienke Island. Surrounded on all sides by these magnificent giants was our landing in Port Lockroy, Goudier Island and [...]

Classic Antarctica

December 05, 2012 – Vernadskiy Station/Petermann Island, Antarctica

We pulled the drapes in our suites back and, once again, found bright blue skies. We really had great weather on our side. Having traversed the Lemaire Channel last night, ‘Le Boreal’ slowed to a crawl through the early morning hours. Just before 0800, Captain Garcia brought the vessel into position off of the [...]

Gentoo Penguins
Classic Antarctica

December 04, 2012 – Mikkelsen Island/Enterprise Island, Antarctica

“Indescribable” may be the only word one can muster to describe Antarctica. Once again, it amazed us as we woke and looked out our windows to find it more beautiful than it was just the day before. Today’s stop was Mikkelsen Harbour and a tiny islet within. Dwarfed on all sides by Trinity Island, [...]

Half Moon landing
Classic Antarctica

December 03, 2012 – Halfmoon Island, South Shetland Islands

Today we understood why you might need a vacation after your vacation to Antarctica. Breakfast began at 0600 and the first of the Zodiacs headed ashore just after 0700. Our destination this morning was Halfmoon Island in the South Shetland Island chain. Known as early as 1821 by sealers, this small crescent-shaped island is [...]

Classic Antarctica

December 02, 2012 – Brown Bluff, Antarctic Sound, Antarctica

We woke up and realized that no matter how excited we were yesterday morning, today might take the cake. This is the day we would make a continental landing at a place called Brown Bluff. With air temperatures announced at 23˚F, we boarded our sturdy Zodiacs and made our way to shore. Before long [...]

Land ho!
Classic Antarctica

December 01, 2012 – Great Wall, King George Island, South Shetlands

Rocked gently through the night, we awoke this morning to sunshine and Cape petrels by the hundreds circling ‘Le Boreal’ and, ahead of us, the South Shetland Islands! Our first glimpses of Antarctica were Robert and Nelson Islands as we approached the Nelson Strait. We spied it while dining at the Compass Grill on Deck [...]

Parka exchange
Classic Antarctica

November 30, 2012 – Drake Passage, en route to Antarctica

With our first night on board ‘Le Boreal’ behind us, we slowly began to emerge from our suites to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before the start of the day’s activities. Although, from what we understood, the seas were not rough in the Drake Passage, we were nevertheless greeted by more movement than we had [...]

Classic Antarctica

November 29, 2012 – Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Arriving from all corners of the globe and on little sleep, we descended onto the world’s southernmost city of Ushuaia, known locally as El Fin del Mundo or the Gateway to Antarctica. To our delight, we found a city surrounded by picturesque mountains and the sparkling waters of the Beagle Channel. Being mid-afternoon, Ushuaia’s [...]

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