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The Tropics to the Arctic: Abercrombie & Kent's New Around-the-World Journey by Private Jet Designed and Hosted by Geoffrey Kent

The Tropics to the Arctic

Of all the untold journeys Abercrombie & Kent founder Geoffrey Kent has planned in the past fifty years, this may be the most remarkable yet. Around the World with Geoffrey Kent by Private Jet: The Tropics to the Arctic (May 1 - 26, 2016) is a nearly month-long journey designed and hosted by Kent himself, featuring destinations not yet on the radar of most travellers. Beginning in the Tropics, with eye-opening visits to Colombia, French Polynesia and the Solomon Islands, continue to the Philippines, one of the best places on earth to see whale sharks. Then experience a way of life on the Mongolian steppes which has changed little since the days of Genghis Khan, before exploring two cities built by great conquerors, Samarkand (Tamerlane) and St. Petersburg (Peter the Great). The adventure ends in Greenland, where the sun never sets at that time of year.

This unique routing was developed by Geoffrey Kent while travelling on an A&K Private Jet journey last fall. "Our guests were talking about places they dreamed of visiting when the idea for this itinerary began to form," explains Kent. "I was inspired to weave together destinations that intrigue me, partly due to their remote locations, but also for the remarkable experiences I knew we could arrange in places like Mongolia and Uzbekistan. I expect this to be one of the greatest adventures of my life, on par with my solitary trek by motorbike from Nairobi to Cape Town when I was 16 that started my career in travel."

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Geoffrey Kent honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Travel Weekly Readers Choice Awards

Geoffrey Kent Lifetime Achievement

Geoffrey Kent received a Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest accolade in the travel and tourism industry in the United States, at a gala event attend attended by hundreds of travel agents who have been important partners in building A&K's business.

The award pays tribute to individuals whose efforts have led to extraordinary results within an organization and who have also made significant contributions to the industry as a whole.

Geoffrey Kent was recognized for being a pioneer in bringing the same sense of adventure found on safari to destinations around the world - what is now commonly referred to as "experiential travel."

Abercrombie & Kent was voted "best of the best" in two categories: Tour Operator, Luxury and Tour Operator, Africa ... for the 11th consecutive year.

ABC's Born to Explore Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro with Abercrombie & Kent

Born to Explore

In the season premiere of Emmy Award-winning Born to Explore, host Richard Wiese joins A&K's The Snows of Kilimanjaro on a journey to the summit of the highest mountain in Africa - 19,341 feet above sea level.

Follow along as the group treks through five climate zones, encounters gale force winds and snow and even stops along the way to visit a weather station established in 2006 by A&K Philanthropy for a rededication ceremony.

WABC in the New York City area will be airing at 2:30 PM on Sunday October 5th, but many of the local ABC stations will be airing Born to Explore at different times so check your local listings for air times: http://www.littonweekendadventure.com/born-to-explore-tv-schedule/

Learn more about Abercrombie & Kent's The Snows of Kilimanjaro here.

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