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Wonder what it feels like to travel with A&K? Read our travel logs for a first-hand look at our latest adventures, captured live on select A&K journeys that include voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic.

Please note: Our current Antarctica cruise is sailing at a latitude with extremely limited Internet access. Logs will be posted as they become available.

1 Plenty of ice in Lemaire!
Classic Antarctica

December 16, 2014 – LEMAIRE Channel and Paradise Bay

Last night, we went to bed spellbound by the scene of more than 20 orcas which had surrounded our ship during dinner. We watched as they successfully hunted penguins, moving rapidly through the clear water. Three surfaced right at the rear of ‘Le Boreal,’ delighting the bar staff and others positioned there. This was [...]

1 Humpbacks!
Classic Antarctica

December 15, 2014 – Gerlache Strait

After a very calm night cruising southwards along the Antarctic Peninsula, ‘Le Boreal’ anchored early off Enterprise (Nansen) Island. Our plan was to take a 70-minute Zodiac tour of the old whaling bay and nearby ice fields. While we were preparing to board, Captain Olivier announced that two humpback whales were approaching the ship! [...]

1 Snowfall
Classic Antarctica

December 14, 2014 – Half Moon Island and Deception Island

Life on board ‘Le Boreal’ began early this morning with breakfast served at 6 a.m. followed by our first Zodiac tour. Conditions were certainly foggy with light, constant snow as we ferried across calm water to Half Moon Island. For Expedition Leader Marco Favero and ornithologist Patri Silva, it was an especially good visit [...]

1 Antarctica!
Classic Antarctica

December 13, 2014 – Antarctic Sound

Some guests were up at 3 a.m., looking out as we approached the White Continent for the very first time. Nothing can quite prepare one for your very first sightings of the ice and icebergs. We had passed through the South Shetland Islands early (between Robert Island and Nelson Island) and found ourselves in [...]

2 Larry Hobbs
Classic Antarctica

December 12, 2014 – Drake Passage: En Route to the Antarctic Peninsula

After a night of restless seas, we reminded ourselves of Expedition Leader Marco Favero’s words: we had embarked on an expedition and some level of adventure was to be expected! The first lecture of the day was an introduction from marine biologist Larry Hobbs on “Marine Mammals of the Southern Ocean: Where Blubber and [...]

1 Le Boreal at dock
Classic Antarctica

December 11, 2014 – Drake Passage: En route to the Antarctic Peninsula

At 8 a.m., and in beautiful calm, sunny weather, we cast off from Ushuaia and made our way down into the Beagle Channel. Ornithologist Patricia Silva (Patri) presented “Seabirds of the Southern Ocean,” a lecture in which she introduced us to the albatrosses and petrels that would accompany ‘Le Boreal’ throughout the cruise. These [...]

1 Ushuaia
Classic Antarctica

December 10, 2014 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Approaching Argentina and the port city of Ushuaia — the “City at the End of the World” — was an exciting experience by plane, if only for the grandstand views of the Andes Mountains with their striking glaciers, lakes and snow-capped peaks. Located on the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego at the tail end of [...]

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